Nelliyampathy Hills

About Nelliyampathy Hills

The beautiful cool hills of Nelliyampathy are situated in the majestic Sahyadri,the mountain range running all along the west coast of India over a length of 1500 km and known to the world as the Western Ghats. The Sahyadri is one of the 28 hotspots in the world recognized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for its rich biodiversity.The Sahyadri occupies about 5 percent of India's land mass,harbours 27 percent of the country's plant species,with more than 40 percent being endemic to the region.The Nelliyampathy range ,with picturesque mountains and fertile valleys, is interspersed with tea, coffee, cardamom, orange, pepper and vanilla plantations, which, over the past century, have integrated into the mountain ecosystem. Nelliyampathy is about 60 km from Palakkad (also known as Palghat)in Kerala state, adjoining the Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary where leopards, elephants, bisons and deers are found at plenty.The height of the hills ranges from 1000 meters to 1572 meters.The annual average rainfall in this area is around 4000 mm and temperature varies between 14℃ in December and 30℃ in April,the mean temperature being 22℃.The Pothundy Reservoir glints in the distance like a "Sapphire in a Sea of Emerald".The soil is laterite in nature,rich in humus and suitable for plantation crops.The speciality of Ravivarma Estate and Nelliyampathy Hill Valley Farm houses is it offers a fantastic view of the valley below, one can get wide-angle panorama of about one third of Palghat.

Nelliyampathy Weather

September and October :
Dry 20 to 25°C, Chill at night

November to February :
Dry 12 to 20°C , Chill at night

March to May :
Dry 20 to 28°C , Cool at night

June to August :
22 to 26 °C , Moderate to Heavy Rains, Cool at night