FeaturesNelliyampathy Hill Valley Farm House

Hill station destinations often woo visitors with their salubrious climate, picture-post card views and the dense greenery rich in flora and fauna. Nelliyampathy, the hill station located in Palakkad has all these as well as orange, cardamom, coffee and tea plantations.


If you are an adventure traveller, Nelliyampathy offers many opportunities for treks from Pothundy and Kalchady. The destination hilltops here range in distance from eight to 15 kilometres. The steep climb from Kollengode to the top of Seethakundu is exhilarating. Other trekking destinations like Kesavanpara, Ranimedu and Cheriyanpara are no less attractive.


Experience the real spice Plantation and Vegetation in Nelliyampathy Hills!

    The history of plantations here dates back to the 19th century when some title deeds were granted by the State of Cochin to establish plantations. It was the British who owned the estates and they started coffee plantations. However, during the first half of the 20th century, Nelliyampathy was known for oranges.

Nelliyampathy offers many opportunities for Plantation Study



Nelliyampathy is very beautiful place. There are a lot of places to visit. Camera men love this place very much. We provide the Facilities for photography here. You can capture each and every moment in Nelliyampathy.



Another speciality of Nelliyampathy Hills is that there are a lot of Bird kinds here. Many are coming here for bird watching only. So we provide facilities for bird watching also. You can see all kinds of birds in Nelliyampathy.